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Dr. Yusra
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by Anisha on Dr. Yusra

I’ve always been insecure about my lips and a few days ago Dr Jane worked her magic and enhanced them beautifully. Not only was Dr Jane kind but she really understood the look I was going for and explained every step of the process along the way. I’m literally so so happy with the results and I can’t wait to book my next appointment. Xxx

by Mandy N on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra and her wonderful team are amazing, the clinic is always warm and welcoming and I would highly recommend them.

When it comes to looking 10 years younger, Dr Yusra is a Master of Facial artistry, she is amazing at providing results and she is passionate about giving her patients the best advice and treatment options. Dr Yusra is the kindest and most genuine person I have had the pleasure of meeting and she has a magical way of healing your soul too !

I wanted to looker younger without using invasive techniques, so Dr Yusra suggested Thermage for me.

The procedure itself is non-invasive with the added benefit of having absolutely no downtime . Immediately after the treatment my skin was tight and smooth. There was an instant visible lift of my face immediately after, and I am still enjoying the results of the treatment 4 months later.

by Leah on Dr. Yusra

My second time visiting Dr. Yusra for a non surgical nose top up.

This time I had to go in alone because of Covid situation which was a bit daunting.. but I was greeted by such a lovely woman who kept me calm and put me at ease straight away. The new place is really great and allowed me to wait in peace in my own private space before the treatment.

Dr. Yusra was as brilliant as ever and got the job done in no time. I’m such a wimp when it comes to needles and she kept me so calm and made sure not to show me any needles - SHE IS A PRO 👌🏻! ..& once again I am very happy with the results ☺️.

Again, Thank you so much Dr. Yusra, this really helps with my confidence 🙌🏻 See you soon. Leah X

by Aylin Apturahim on Dr. Yusra

If I could give more stars I would!! The service is amazing at the beautiful Dr Yusra Clinic not only by Dr Yusra herself but her assistants are all amazing, I have had treatment here twice and have always left 100% happy I couldn’t recommend anybody else , as soon as you walk through the door you are taken care of straight away. Thankyou Dr Yusra and her team for being the best at what they do, professional, clean, honest and perfect service, Dr Yusra will make sure you leave the clinic happy and satisfied Thankyou so much!

by Holly Car on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra and her team are simply amazing!

I am so thankful that I chose to go to Dr Yusra.
I love my lips they are better than I could have ever imagined!

From the start my journey has been faultless, and I cannot wait to come back for the next stage of my treatment 🙂

This clinic is truly the best!!!

by Sabah on Dr. Yusra

Aside from the kindness I receive every time I come to the clinic, there is so much professionalism - Ive had skin boosters each with Dr Yusra, Dr Shahd and Dr Moon and not only were they calm, but were also very thorough and listened to my concerns carefully. I wouldnt trust anyone else with my skin − the results so far are great 😊

by Sharmina Akhtar on Dr. Yusra

Can’t thank Dr Yusra and her team enough. The service from the get go is impeccable. From booking the appointment with lovely Sophie to being in clinic with the stunning Anisa and Dr Yusra.

The clinic is beautiful with a calm aura. The service is exceptional. The treatment went so well, I’m so happy with what we where able to achieve. Can’t recommend Dr Yusra enough. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. x

by Jessica on Dr. Yusra

I’m so beyond grateful for Dr Yusra and her amazing team!

I started my journey with the clinic in december and I I was very insecure about my skin and wouldn’t go out without make up but now after my skin transformation with Nicola I have completely changed and feel so confident!

The support through the whole thing has been nothing like any other clinic I’ve been too previously - constant reviews every 6 weeks to see I’m feeling on the treatment and any questions I’ve had has always been answered!

Came to the clinic yesterday and everyone is so welcoming and kind! Sophie helped with any queries I had ans also offered me a coffee whilst I waited in the car for my appointment time!

Anisa put my mind at ease when I was having my numbing cream on for my treatment, she told me all the risks and exceptions of the treatment which settles my Anxiety I had when I first went into clinic!

I would never go to any other clinic! Dr Yusra is only Doctor o trust to do my filler treatments and im looking forward for my continuous treatment for my skin with Nicola

Highly recommend Dr Yusra Clinic xxx

by Zahra Merali on Dr. Yusra

Firstly I want to start by stating how fabulous the staff are especially Sophie whose character made me feel very calm through my issues. However with a very heavy heart I have to write this review that I am not happy AT ALL with the service that I received, I started my OBAGI skincare with DR Yusra and team. Although at first it was going well, I was then put on another toner, this made my skin worse!! my skin looked like eczema, burnt, pimples, spotty. The list in endless!!! I kept telling the team that this is what is happening and they said it was normal. I sent pictures and therefore decided to trust the team as I have no knowledge in the medical/skincare background, but I knew something was wrong.

I went from being so happy about my skin to not being happy AT ALL. I even reached out to Dr Yusra via IG apologising for contacting her out of work hours and if she was happy to message me to advise me on what is happening to my skin. I did not get a proper sentence or response from her, in fact just a few lines and I was left more confused than before and had to deal with my skin all on my own. I did reach out to Nicola who helped me but again I felt it was left to too late. My skin is now spotty, textured and I feel like I have spent all these months as well as money for nothing. After chasing this matter up I was told that the new toner was probably too strong for me but the damage was already done. This skincare line is very expensive and even though I was happy to go ahead, I feel proper care and advise should be given no matter who it is. I felt very alone in this till I had to reach out to someone else who calmed me down and advised me however much she could do so.

I am still battling with my skin. I don't know if it will go back to being nice, smooth and texture free. I can only hope so. I kept telling the team that my skin feels like its burnt. I have these lines on my forehead and its not normal and I felt like this was not looked into properly. Customer care and service is very important! and I hope no one has to go through the nightmare I went through with my skin!

Dear Zahra,
I am so sorry to hear of your experience which is definitely not the norm in our clinic. Thank you for taking my call today, and we have today reassured you of your skincare plan for the next 6 weeks. I have understood there have been a number of potential factors for your flare up over the last 5 weeks including using a coconut oil based make up which is absolutely detrimental to skin health and very occlusive, and have advised we simplify your skin care routine and support your health with appropriate non occlusive make up, and supplements to combat hormonal flare ups. We have advised you to go back to your daily skincare regime prescribed instead of only 3 x a week on maintenance.

As you know, there is direct access to our skin therapist Nicola who you can text and who has been offering ongoing advice over the last few weeks. I can see you also sent a dm via instagram, to which we responded with 2 voice notes asking you to remove any newly introduced irritants which are not agreeing with your skin, though have advised medical advice about your skin journey is best sought via our dedicated aftercare email serviced specifically for our own patients and differs to our general email.

I have also explained that you can utilise our skin concierge service Get Harley which you have access to, to text any concerns throughout your journey if in need of tips or wanting to tweak the skincare plan, though our dedicated aftercare email service and complimentary 6 week reviews should be utilised to ensure you are well supported and feeling in control of any expected skin changes or purges throughout your skin journey.

I have noted we have a record of 8 calls with Sophie and Nicola reassuring you throughout your skin journey, and that you have had 4 complimentary 30 minute skin reviews with our team.

You have told me today you are happy and feel reassured and comfortable with the skin plan and understand how to access support when you need it.

Again, I am so sorry to hear of your upset during this journey, and I am reassured to know that since writing this review and our conversation, you feel happy and supported and are clear about what to do and what to expect over the next 6 weeks. We have sent you a written protocol outlining the advice provided over the phone, and booked another complimentary 30 minute review to assess your progress in 6 weeks.

If you have any other concerns and queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Warmest regards,
Dr Yusra and Nicola

by Priya on Dr. Yusra

After following Dr Yusra for nearly 5 years, I finally plucked the courage to get my treatment done and I couldn't have been any more pleased! I was extremely nervous, however, with Dr Yusra's calm bedside manner and reassuring words I had every confidence I was in good hands.

Thank you Dr Yusra & team! x

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