WHAT IS Genuine Dermaroller™ TREATMENT

This is a medical microneedling treatment that is used to stimulate new collagen, improve skin textured and is used to significantly improve the appearance of:

– Acne scars
– Aged and sun damaged skin
– Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles
– Stretch marks
– Chicken pox scars


This advanced micro-medical skin-needling procedure creates tiny micro injuries on the skin and in doing so, stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself, producing collagen and elastin naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, plump skin and lifting out scars. It also creates tiny channels on the skin which allows us to apply active ingredients and vitamins on the skin that can pass through those channels to reach the deeper layer of the skin and stimulate cell turnover, resulting in bright radiant skin. Although there will be an immediate benefit and boost to the radiance in the skin, deeper collagen takes 6-12 weeks to form and you will continue to experience benefits in this time. Depending on your skin needs, depth of wrinkles and scars, 3-6 sessions 6-10 weeks apart is advised for optimal results.


A full medical history and clinical examination will be performed and a diagnosis made prior to recommending and administering the treatment. We use a medical grade numbing cream to make the procedure comfortable which is kept on your skin for 60 mins before treatment; followed by a treatment session of 30-60 minutes for the Genuine Dermaroller™ procedure to be carried out.


Redness should be expected immediately after, though this will subside and leave a gentle glow on the skin within hours. Between 3-7 days post treatment the dead dull layer of your skin will begin to flake off revealing more radiant skin underneath.


Treatment Time

30-60 mins

Results Duration



None to Mild discomfort


From £250


Immediate and continues to improve over coming months


What makes Restylane skinboosters different from other treatments?
Traditional skin care products applied on the skin surface can easily be washed away, while the Skinboosters hold water deep in the dermal layer for lasting hydration and improvements to the skin elasticity and smoothness.
What is the aftercare?
We advise you not to wear make up for the first 12 hours after treatment and avoid sunbathing for 2 weeks.
How often can I repeat it?
We recommend 3 sessions 2-4 weeks apart and a touch up once every 6 months.
Can I combine this with other skin treatments?
Yes you can have skinboosters alongside other aesthetic treatments including deeper volumising dermal fillers. We particularly recommend it alongside the Dermaroller treatment for optimal skin rejuvenation.